Disciplinary Action

In our institute, as in our community, we work together. The code of conduct for our students is based on our philosophy of providing a quality education in the framework of our tradition. Each component of our institute is committed to the welfare of the children, their growth and their academic achievement.

Discipline in the institute is to be considered as an aspect of moral guidance and not a form of punishment. It is a means of training the child to assume his responsibilities and be in more control of his conduct, helping him to grow progressively in self-competency and maturity. Discipline promotes genuine character building.

IIT Gurukulam students are expected to be responsible for their behavior at all times. Each student must be
familiar with all institute rules and conform to them. Continued non-conformity to these rules may
result in disciplinary action according to guidelines.

General Rules
Each student understands that he/she shall:

  • Be honest, courteous, attentive and respectful in all dealings with fellow students, mentors,personnel and visitors.
  •  Always respect the rights and the value of each individual person on the premises or at sponsored events.
  •  Respect and respond promptly to the directives of the mentors and other personnel.
  • Obtain permission from the proper authority for use of the facilities, equipment or other materials.
  • Be courteous, attentive and respectful when fellow students, mentors, administrators, visitors, or performers address individual classes or the assembled student body.
  • Be responsible for the care of books and all other materials loaned to the students for course of studies during the year.
  • Keep the campus clean.

Inappropriate behavior at IIT Gurukulam may result in disciplinary consequences includes (but is not limited to):

  • Fighting, provoking a fight between other individuals, any verbal abuse, or participating in violent activities that include physical violence (such as hitting or biting), or emotional harm to any person.
  • Theft or damage to property of the institute, another student, visitor or other personnel.
  • Using vulgar or unacceptable language verbally or in writing.
  • Leaving the campus during the day without permission
  •  Disturbing the classes in such a way that others are unjustly hindered from learning.
  • Possessing, selling, giving away, using, or being under the influence of drugs and/or hazardous substances (i.e. liquor, narcotics, etc.) on the premises, at functions or at a time and place that directly involves the institute. State Law prohibits possession and/or use of cigarettes by a minor.
  • Possessing dangerous items such as: firearms, knives, or other dangerous weapons, firecrackers,fireworks, handcuffs, etc.
  • Personal electronic devices may not be used in institute or during other functions such as field trips,etc.
  • As responsible members of the community, students are expected to take pride in and participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the grounds (gum chewing is prohibited on our property).
  •  Please do not allow your child to bring valuable or large sums of money to the institute. The institute cannot be responsible for loss or damage of any items.
  • The institute is not responsible for lost articles; however, proper labeling facilitates prompt return of lost items. All found articles will be taken to the office.
  •  Children must be held responsible for their actions, therefore, they will be charged for the damage done to Gurukulam’s property, equipment, books, etc. In the case of major damage, the Director will be notified. A new textbook will be purchased by the student’s family if the book is written in or defaced in any way.

Playground/Campus Rules 
following rules apply to all students:

  • Standard game rules may be modified for safety reasons; students are expected to play accordingly.Rough play (such as tackle football, hitting games, chasing games, or any contact sports) is not permitted.
  • Harassment of other students and unacceptable language will not be tolerated.
  • Refrain from marking any wall or benches.


Discipline Procedure

Each student shall review the rules and regulations of the institute and the classroom in order to clarify what is expected of them. Non-conformity to the rules as set by the Gurukulamam may result in one of the following consequences to the discretion of the Director.

Verbal Warning or Reprimand (for minor misbehavior)

The mentors shall discuss the problem with the child in order to solicit his cooperation, and may contact
the parents for intervention.

Loss of Privileges

When inappropriate behavior is more serious in nature or a student repeatedly disregards the rules, a loss of privileges (including recess, field trip attendance, etc.) may be used as a consequence. In these cases, parents and the director shall be notified, and parents may be scheduled for conference in orderto discuss the behavior.


Suspension is used in serious cases and only when the administration thinks it is imperative to take such action or when students repeatedly and deliberately disregard the rules. A student who is suspended may not participate in any activity (including sports) that may occur during the period of suspension.This includes activities that fall on weekends or holidays.
A student becomes subject to suspension if he:

  • Becomes engaged in a violent fight on the grounds or on the campus.
  • Uses language that demeans another person, ethnic group, gender, etc.
  • Leaves the campus without permission during his stay.
  • Has in his possession any harmful objects or materials posing a threat to   self  or other students.
  • Engages in conduct whether inside or outside the Gurukulam, that is detrimental to the reputation of the Gurukulam.
  • Engages in other seriously other inappropriate behavior including theft or dishonesty.


When the student shows no evidence of behavioral improvement or change and his behavior is detrimental to the well being of other students, expulsion shall be recommended or required.

Extreme disrespect towards any member of the Gurukulam, the possession of an illegal substance or weapon (such as knives, any sharp objects, etc.) or posing physical threats to others at Gurukulam are considered serious matters and by itself may warrant expulsion.

The institute reserves the right to determine, in its discretion, when conduct is of such a severe nature as to warrant immediate action without a warning and/or without an intermediate step short of withdrawal.


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