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The hurdles that we are going to highlight are not only the hurdles that a student will face while preparing for IIT-JEE/NEET. But they can be a hindrance in any goal one has set.

Experts say the top problems in IIT-JEE/NEET preparation are Unregimented Life, Distractions, Lack of Emotional Support and Absence of 24 Flours Mentoring.

At IIT-Gurukulam, we have cracked the Da Vinci Code to overcome and move beyond these obstacles. We provide you a unique, robust and humane environment with the following features:-

Faculties helping iit jee students at iitgurukulam

Regimented Life

Take care of Minutes and Hours will take care of themselves.

The morning bell at IIT Gurukulam rings at 6:30 AM and believe us you have to get up.

Distraction-Free Life

If you want to live a successful life, tie it to a Goal, not to People or Objects.

In IIT Gurukulam, mobile phones and social networking sites are completely prohibited.

Emotional Support

You not only require Efficient Subject Teachers for the next two years, but you require Life Mentors.

Human Beings are not machines without feelings and emotions.

24 Hours Mentoring

Unless the heart of the teacher beats with the heart of the student, the battle is not a shared one.

At IIT Gurukulam the mentors stay with the students 24×7 to share their problems and solve their queries.

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