Plan Your Tour To IIT Gurukulam

A pilgrimage for students and an experience for parents. Cracking JEE with a humble flavor of 5 consecutive JEE zone toppers with an all India topper is a natural by product.

If you also believe that today's generation is not focused on their goals, can't wake up early in the morning and the question of leaving TV, Mobile & other potential distractions for 2 most crucial years of their life is a distant one then its the time that you should plan a tour to IIT Gurukulam with ward. If your ward is a sincere one, then also Gurukulam would be the place where he aspires to be.

Book your visit & witness the miracles already happened, miracles happening & the future miracle in the form of your child's transformation. See the students from Manali to Abu Dhabi, from Hyderabad to Kota, coming & giving their most crucial years turn into the best of their life.

So, this time... just pick your date, pack your bags & plan your tour by clicking on the adjacent button. This one tour may change the life of your ward forever.

How to Plan Your Tour to IIT Gurukulam

  • Fill the adjacent form to book the tour.
  • Receive confirmation on your email within 24-48 hours.
  • You will get a dedicated official to accompany you with all the IIT Gurukulam sessions and day to day activities.
  • Select the date of your tour on any of the Sunday according to your convenience.
  • Visiting hours to the Gurukulam campus will be 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • The Gurukulam vehicle will bring you to the campus from the city office and drop you off at the city office after the visit.
  • One can book their accommodation in the city hotels; there are plenty. You can also demand us to book the accommodation and pay at hotel as per their norms.

Book Your Slot

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